BFoGP is Now Ready for New Members and Funding!

charamelody - in our hands - flickrDear friends of the Berlin Forum on Global Politics,

We are very happy to announce that the German state has granted our organization the status of a gemeinnütziger Verein, that is to say, of a tax-exempt nonprofit organization – the legal equivalent in the United States is a 501 (c) organization and in the United Kingdom is a Community Interest Company (CIC) or charity. Being a tax-exempt nonprofit organization enables us to do two important things:

1) allow interested parties to become members, who can contribute to expanding and supporting our efforts;

2) allow for funding of public events and activities as well as research, publications, and projects.

We are enthusiastic about this important development in our organization, since we are confident that it will allow us to better interact with the vast numbers of people who want to better understand and discuss global politics at the academic, expert, and public debate levels. Their interest – your interest – is clearly evidenced by our statistics: in the two years since we launched our website we have already had more than 15000 views from over 130 countries, counted more than 3100 downloads of our publication ‘The Transatlantic Colossus‘ from our website alone, and now count with over 600 supporters on our Facebook page and over 130 in our LinkedIn profile.

During the following weeks we will provide you with our constitutional articles, which explain the reasons for founding the Berlin Forum as well as our goals and means, and will update you regarding:

– how to become a member of the Berlin Forum on Global Politics;

– why we chose the GLS Bank (GLS Gemeinschaftsbank eG) to hold our funds;

– how to make donations to fund our activities;

– and, what we intend to do in order to contribute to the public debate on the socio-political implications of the ongoing influx of asylum seekers to Europe and the European Union.

Lastly, we would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your support, which we hope to continue to count with as we strive towards promoting the informed participation of civil society in public debates about global politics throughout the world.

(Photo credit: charamelody | Flickr)


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