The Berlin Forum on Global Politics e.V. (BFoGP) was founded by an international group of doctoral candidates from the Center for Global Politics (CGP) at the Freie Universität (FU) Berlin in 2012. We research, analyze, and create high quality and original knowledge about global politics and share it openly with society under a Creative Commons license. The German state granted the BFoGP the status of gemeinnütziger Verein, that is to say, of a tax-exempt nonprofit organization, in 2015.

What we do
Built upon shared values, concerns and aspirations, we founded the association in order to pursue, exclusively and directly, nonprofit purposes. Our main goals are the following ones:

1) Advancement of science and research: The association promotes the better understanding of topical issues with global political relevance, both in academic and expert circles and within the general public.

2) Advancement of internationalism, of tolerance in all areas of culture, and of the concept of international understanding: The association promotes the development and strengthening of a cooperative, supportive, and globally oriented society. The association seeks to actively contribute to peace and equality among all people throughout the globe regardless of their nationality, citizenship, ethnic, and cultural origin and identity.

3) Advancement of political education with nonprofit purposes: The association promotes political education through research, enlightenment, and public debate regarding the development, structures, and dynamics of global politics. The understanding gained about complex interactions between domestic and foreign politics should allow civil society actors to use it for purposes of local and global public benefit.

Our central objective is not only to promote access to and understanding of global politics to as many people as possible, but also widen and deepen it. Thereby, we place high value on a dynamic dialogue among various social stakeholders in order to guarantee a strong plurality of opinions and perspectives.

Why we do it
The Berlin Forum on Global Politics e.V. believes that the establishment of a public forum within a global and increasingly cosmopolitan city is of fundamental importance for people of different origins – without discrimination or exclusion – to come together and deal critically and progressively with the topics and challenges of our increasingly global, dynamic, and ever-changing world.

Berlin has become a truly global city in the decades since the fall of the Berlin Wall. Due to its turbulent history, the city is, at once, an example and a symbol of the many opportunities and challenges our world has once confronted, is currently facing and will face in the future. It is a special place where, by means of the encounters and continuous exchanges of thoughts between people, innovative solutions, even to seemingly insurmountable problems and barriers, were found, leading to the reduction and even elimination of some of these barriers. Building on this legacy, the Berlin Forum on Global Politics e.V. is committed to establishing a public and non-partisan forum, with headquarters in Berlin, to promote a democratic, plural, and multi-stakeholder debate and a transparent and participatory dialogue on topics of global political relevance among individuals, groups, and societies from around the world. The multicultural and multinational constitution of our members is an essential feature and key strength of our association.

How we do it
Our global and digital world produces information with such abundance and speed that large numbers of people not only feel overwhelmed, but also experience it with the oppressive sensation of somebody drowned in news. As a result, the majority of the general public prefer to rely on “common sense” and general knowledge than to inform themselves in more detail, which in turn prevents change and reinforces the status quo. The Berlin Forum on Global Politics e.V. believes, accordingly, that easily accessible critical analyses and public debates that inform, create knowledge, and address global topics of general relevance critically and progressively are needed to effect the necessary changes to our world. For these reasons, the Berlin Forum on Global Politics e.V. does not exclusively attend to a singular topic, but engages in efforts to clarify specific topics and events of global relevance as they unfold. In order to do so, the association carries out the following tasks:

1) Undertaking of interdisciplinary empirical and theoretical research projects focusing on global politics, whose results should be published promptly.

2) Creation (i.e., conceptualization, editing, and publishing) and distribution of ‘open knowledge’ about global political topics in form of digital and/or printed publications; this includes also the development, maintenance, support, and distribution of digitally-based information and exchange fora and other formats to be decided upon, which contribute to civil society’s understanding of global politics.

3) Organization and undertaking of public events (such as lectures, expert workshops, and conferences) in order to foster public understanding of global politics and its debates with the ethos of a democratic, tolerant, and cosmopolitan society.

4) Organization and undertaking of workshops and lectures with scientists, experts, and interested parties from the general public so as to develop notions together that strengthen an understanding of civil society which transcends countries and cultures.

Legal information
The Berlin Forum on Global Politics e.V. is a tax exempt non-profit organization legally registered in the Amtsgericht Charlottenburg, Berlin, Germany, with the entry number: VR 34136 B.


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