Events in global politics are in constant flux. The blog section on our website offers us the opportunity to address and analyze them in a timely and dynamic manner with our posts. Since we at the Berlin Forum on Global Politics are committed to open knowledge, our blog posts, like our other contributions to the debate on subjects related to global politics, are licensed as Creative Commons materials – so that these are freely and easily accessible to everybody, everywhere, and anytime.


Miguelángel Verde Garrido (27th August 2018). Confronting the World’s Greatest Silent Killer: Challenges and Opportunities to Curb Global Pollution

Adams S. Wilkins (12th April 2018). The Universal Declaration of Human Rights: The Historical Background and the Challenge Today.


William Hull (29th November 2016). Trump: A New Climate of Doubt.

Miguelángel Verde Garrido (12th November 2016). Time to be Brave in the Land of the Free.

Miguelángel Verde Garrido (6th July 2016). Lesson Learned: Brexit Was About Much More Than The EU (2/2).

Miguelángel Verde Garrido (6th July 2016). Brexit, A Web Of Lies, And A Disunited Kingdom (1/2).

‘Global Politics and Climate Change’ series

William Hull (4th July 2016). Climate Finance – Shifting for a Fix.

William Hull (19th May 2016). Maintaining the Momentum after the Paris Agreement: The Distance We’ve Come and the Distance Yet to Go.

‘Sovereignty and Global Politics’ series

Daniel Cardoso (20th April 2016). How TTIP Threatens State Sovereignty and Why We Should be Concerned.

Miguelángel Verde Garrido (13th April 2016). “All your Internet are Belong to Us”: On Nation States’ Claims of Sovereignty over ICT Architecture and Contents.

Marc Venhaus (6th April 2016). Sovereignty over Capital Controls: From Orthodoxy to Heresy… and Back Again?.


Daniel Cardoso and Miguelángel Verde Garrido (with additional research and contributions by Harold Haftsadi) (10th December 2015). Failing to Provide Asylum: Why Europe Cannot Manage the Refugee Crisis.

Daniel Cardoso (20th November 2015). Muddy Business: How Corporate and State Failures Led to the Environmental Disaster in Mariana, Brazil.

Miguelángel Verde Garrido (28th October 2015). Why was Germany’s Recent TTIP Protest the Country’s Largest in over a Decade?.