Berlin Eastside GalleryAs a member of the Berlin Forum on Global Politics you become part of a community, globally active, that is enthusiastic in its endeavor to better understand the present with the aim to shape the future.

The Berlin Forum on Global Politics has collaboration partners and friends throughout the world who actively share our goals and support our tasks. As a member, you will learn more about global politics and how it impacts you locally; be part of a network that encourages informed exchanges; support meaningful research and activities; and, help determine the development of the Berlin Forum on Global Politics with your say and vote.

As a member, you are invited to become an active voice in the Berlin Forum on Global Politics. Your membership will allow you to:

  • Connect. Belong to a community with common interests, discuss and share ideas, and create the spark for new research and initiatives.
  • Build. Contribute actively by participating in person or online in general assemblies and other members’ meetings.
  • Know. Be informed about topical and ongoing matters in global politics so that you can take action and have an impact.
  • Support. Contribute to maintain our financial independence as a nonprofit organization as well as our production and distribution of open knowledge.
  • Be Updated. Receive first hand information about our public events, publications, and other activities.

Join us and make your voice heard.

We are a tax-exempt organization, therefore all membership fees and donations are tax deductible.

(Photo credit: Berlin Forum on Global Politics & M. Venhaus | BFoGP)