New Blog Post: “All your Internet are Belong to Us”

283894146_df1150c0d8_oWe continue our blog post series on sovereignty and global politics with co-founder Miguelángel Verde Garrido‘s analysis of sovereignty in relation to information and communications technology, which argues that proposals for technological and information sovereignty would do little to defend from, for example, mass surveillance, and concludes further efforts to establish global governance would better serve to confront nation states’ challenges regarding the Internet.

The blog post, entitled ‘“All your Internet are Belong to Us”: On Nation States’ Claims of Sovereignty over ICT Architecture and Contents’, is available here.

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Blog Post Series: Sovereignty and Global Politics

leviathan detailThe Berlin Forum on Global Politics is glad to share a blog post series, which will focus on the topic of sovereignty and global politics. Capital, information, goods and people move around the world at incredible speed and in vast numbers. As globalization widens and deepens, regional and global forms of governance attempt to handle the issues and challenges of our times. Against this background, the blog series inquires about the role of sovereignty today: in which ways does this long-standing concept continue to matter?

Stemming from discussions held within the Center for Global Politics (CGP) Alumni Association and inspired by the reflections and work of Prof. Klaus Segbers (Director of the CGP at the Freie Universität Berlin) on this topic, the authors address the role of sovereignty in three areas of global governance: finance, the Internet, and trade.

We will publish a blog post each week, starting today with co-founder Marc Venhaus’ analysis of sovereignty in relation to international financial markets in the post-2008 economic crisis, entitled ‘Sovereignty over Capital Controls: From Orthodoxy to Heresy… and Back Again?’. The blog post is available here.

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Berlin Eastside GalleryWe believe that a better understanding of the world is the key to a better tomorrow.

Public, academic, and expert understanding of global politics in an ever more interconnected world is fundamental for informed political action regardless of where you are.

That is why we research, analyze, and create high quality and original knowledge about global politics and share it openly with society under a Creative Commons license.

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New Blog Post: ‘Failing to Provide Asylum’

Bengin Ahmad | FlickrCo-founders Daniel Cardoso and Miguelángel Verde Garrido discuss the ongoing refugee crisis in Europe in this post. They argue that the (mis)management of the refugee crisis by the European Union and European governments has little to do with the extent of the challenge and more with being compromised by institutional and identity crises.

The blog post is the start to a series of events, activities, and materials that the Berlin Forum on Global Politics will organize in order to discuss the ongoing refugee crisis.

The post, entitled ‘Failing to Provide Asylum: Why Europe Cannot Manage the Refugee Crisis’, is available here.

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BFoGP is Now Ready for New Members and Funding!

charamelody - in our hands - flickrDear friends of the Berlin Forum on Global Politics,

We are very happy to announce that the German state has granted our organization the status of a gemeinnütziger Verein, that is to say, of a tax-exempt nonprofit organization – the legal equivalent in the United States is a 501 (c) organization and in the United Kingdom is a Community Interest Company (CIC) or charity. Being a tax-exempt nonprofit organization enables us to do two important things:

1) allow interested parties to become members, who can contribute to expanding and supporting our efforts;

2) allow for funding of public events and activities as well as research, publications, and projects.

We are enthusiastic about this important development in our organization, since we are confident that it will allow us to better interact with the vast numbers of people who want to better understand and discuss global politics at the academic, expert, and public debate levels. Their interest – your interest – is clearly evidenced by our statistics: in the two years since we launched our website we have already had more than 15000 views from over 130 countries, counted more than 3100 downloads of our publication ‘The Transatlantic Colossus‘ from our website alone, and now count with over 600 supporters on our Facebook page and over 130 in our LinkedIn profile.

During the following weeks we will provide you with our constitutional articles, which explain the reasons for founding the Berlin Forum as well as our goals and means, and will update you regarding:

– how to become a member of the Berlin Forum on Global Politics;

– why we chose the GLS Bank (GLS Gemeinschaftsbank eG) to hold our funds;

– how to make donations to fund our activities;

– and, what we intend to do in order to contribute to the public debate on the socio-political implications of the ongoing influx of asylum seekers to Europe and the European Union.

Lastly, we would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your support, which we hope to continue to count with as we strive towards promoting the informed participation of civil society in public debates about global politics throughout the world.

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New Blog Post: ‘Muddy Business’

In this post, co-founder Daniel Cardoso, discusses the reasons behind the environmental disaster in Mariana, one of the worst in Brazil’s history. Dani22526418164_7d9ea23fab_zel argues that, rather than an accident, the catastrophe was the consequence of years of aggressive extractivism, “China Fever”, and flawed public policies.

The post, entitled “Muddy Business: How Corporate and State Failures Led to the Environmental Disaster in Mariana, Brazil”, is available here.

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Blog Launched!

verde - ttip demo 001We at the Berlin Forum on Global Politics are committed to open knowledge, contributing to the debate on subjects related to global politics with Creative Commons-licensed materials – so that these are freely and easily accessible to everybody, everywhere, and anytime.

For that reason we are glad to announce the latest feature of our website: the blog section. Events in global politics are in constant flux and blog posts offer the opportunity to address and analyze them in a timely and dynamic manner.

Miguelángel Verde Garrido, one of our co-founders, kicks-off the blog with a post on why the recent TTIP demonstration in Berlin was the largest in the country in more than a decade.

We hope that you find these contributions valuable. Do feel free to share them, along with our publications and working paper series, with your networks, since they are also licensed as Creative Commons. Lastly, be sure to follow us on Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter to stay up-to-date with the latest blog posts or with other news!

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