World Café

The World Café is a workshop method designed to tackle key questions in an environment that enables a higher level of dialogue and participation. Modelled around the setting of a café, participants gather in several groups and tackles a different question related to the Forum at their table. Groups have a limited amount of time per table for each question. Once the allocated time is finished, participants gather in a new group and tackle a different question at a new table, with only the chairperson remaining at each table in order to introduce the question to the next group and update participants on the previous discussions held at said table.


Connecting people, tackling key questions in an interactive manner and getting to know each other better.


– tables with evenly divided participants who represent different groups.

– moderated discussion at the tables, the chairperson acting as the moderator.


1 – Welcome and short introduction to the workshop method.

2 – At the tables, moderated by the chairperson:

A – Brief introduction by everybody.

B – Introduction of the question. Interactive dialogue. Participation from everybody is important.

C – Exchange of ideas. Everybody can write down as many ideas as she or he want.

3 – Back at the plenary:

A – Collection of ideas across tables.

B – The tables’ chairpersons share the outcomes of the different discussions with the rest of the participants.

4 – Closure of the workshop method.


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