The Berlin Forum on Global Politics actively engages in research activities on various aspects connected to global politics.

Read, for example, the abstract to the paper we co-wrote and presented at the International Studies Association (ISA) 55th Annual Convention in March, 2014, held in Toronto, Canada: ‘De- and Re-territorialization in the Making of Neoliberal Globalization: The Spatial Dimensions of TAFTA | TTIP’.

Also, be sure to explore our working paper series, where you can read a draft version of the paper mentioned above as well as another working paper, ‘An Unequal Treaty: TTIP and Inequality in Europe‘, which was  presented at the Transatlantic Policy Symposium at Georgetown, ‘Beyond Tariffs: Trade Relations and the Transatlantic Relationship in the 21st Century’, held by the BMW Center for German and European Studies (CGES), in Washington, D.C., United States of America, in February, 2015.


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